Admire You

I just can see you from far
When you're look happy, I just relieve and happy for you
When you're look sad, I cannot do anything and just hope you can bear with it

It is your personality that makes me admire you
It is your integrity that makes me admire you
It is your shyness that you cannot even telling about your feeling
and make me curious until it became an admiration for you

You simply acting unbothered
yet you're the one that aware of your surroundings

You're like my piano, cold but have a nice sound and relaxing
You're cold, and look not that easy to get along
But in fact, you're the one who have so much soft spot for others,
and that makes me admire you more

I just wanna say,
Thank you for being you...

pic from here

Inspired because of the song
i listen to lately.
It has a relaxing melody with piano in it.
~For You by BTS~

Bengkulu, 23:21


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