This was my draft i made in 2014. I even forgot this writing, haha ^^

Hi Silence..
I remember you..
You're the one that always accompany me for these past years..

Back then, I always choose to be silent..
When i hang out with my girls, i'll be the one who have a few words to talk..
When something bad happen, i'll be the one who have to calm down..

I feel really relax when i'm with you..
Just you and the wind..
I remembered a book i read..
It told me to be an attentive listener..
A good listener, cause everybody wants to be heard by someone else..
Ya, and i've been trying until now..

It's really fun to hear any story from any body i know..
I can learn from their story..
Yep, just like Ram Dass said

The quiter you become, the more you hear

Modified Apr 22, 2017
01:53 am 


  1. kapan gitu mbok dengerin ceritaku mbak... hiks T___T

    1. ayok, sini curhat, udah lama juga gak dicurhatin kamu dek.. hiks.. T___T


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